Print a Heart

I realize that Valentines day is tomorrow, so this is pretty late, but in celebration of the made up hallmark card holiday we’ve been printing some hearts on the printer. Of course, you can’t just print a heart – not if you are the type of person interested in a 3d printer – it must be a heart with gears on it.

Gear Heart


Also acceptable would be a heart with wheels like a car, or a heart that was shaped like a wing and could fly.

The gears do turn, and the entire object was printed in one piece. The hears are held to the hub due to a tapered design. After the print a little force is required to break the gears free from the hubs since it was all printed in one go.



The back of the heart is the structure holding the hubs. You can see it here on the right. This particular print was larger than it was intended to be printed. We made it a couple inches from point to point.

The bottom of the heart has a loop. It’s supposed to be for your key chain, but since ours is larger than intended it wouldn’t work well for that. If you hang it from a necklace it would be upside down. Oh well.

IMG_20150213_082114Here’s another gear heart, which in my opinion, is much more interesting. It features a few different types of gears. The top left gear I’ve seen before but I’ve done a hundred Google searches and came up with no name. When the middle gear turns it pushes the star gear with the peg, then the star gear stops until the peg makes it all the way around again.

Take a look at the other heart things on thingiverse!




Also, if you want us to print for you, just let me know. We don’t charge much and every print helps support future endeavors, upgrades, and repairs on the printer. We currently have pink and grey, but pretty much every color in the rainbow is available – and some that aren’t in the rainbow.