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Give me some feedback

I thought it would be fun to test out a paragraph from my upcoming book. Here is your chance to give me some anonymous feedback!

Read this:

Mirke dove in after Theo, whose body was drifting to the bottom. Bubbles escaped from the thickets of his fur as he thrust forward through the water. He reached out to his fallen friend, nearly close enough, but a force from above impacted his body. Air from his lungs escaped as he was pushed into the murky depths. A silty mixture of mud and decaying debris puffed up around him. The sticku’s foot pressed heavily on his back, encasing him in the viscous pond floor. Evidently satisfied with the result the sticku lifted its foot. Mirke noticed the release of pressure, but the mud held him captive. He struggled to simply move his arms and his collapsed lungs meant his time was short.

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Progress: 25k

I’ve made it to 25,000 words on this thing I’m writing. My goal for the first draft is at least 50,000 but somewhere between that and 75,000 would be best. I’ve told my editor I’d be done with the first draft25k by the beginning of the year. I hope I can keep my word on that, but it’s not easy! On a good day I can sit down when I get home and spit out a thousand words in two hours, but too often it turns out to be more like three to five hundred instead.

After the writing is done the editing has to be done. I can’t let my editor do all the editing, it would be too much work and the first draft is so rough that the editing can actually change a lot of the story. Entire paragraphs are rewritten during that first edit and sometimes more! For example, when I finished my first chapter I sent it to my editor just to test it out and she seemed to be interested in learning more about my world, so I ended up making my first chapter my second chapter, then I wrote an entirely new first chapter.

If you think ninja badgers sounds interesting then you might like it, and you might be the only one besides me, but I have a day job so that’s okay.