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A sample chapter or scene from a novel, novella, or novellette.

Give me some feedback

I thought it would be fun to test out a paragraph from my upcoming book. Here is your chance to give me some anonymous feedback!

Read this:

Mirke dove in after Theo, whose body was drifting to the bottom. Bubbles escaped from the thickets of his fur as he thrust forward through the water. He reached out to his fallen friend, nearly close enough, but a force from above impacted his body. Air from his lungs escaped as he was pushed into the murky depths. A silty mixture of mud and decaying debris puffed up around him. The sticku’s foot pressed heavily on his back, encasing him in the viscous pond floor. Evidently satisfied with the result the sticku lifted its foot. Mirke noticed the release of pressure, but the mud held him captive. He struggled to simply move his arms and his collapsed lungs meant his time was short.

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Improving Myself

I’ve been working hard at improving my fiction writing. One thing that all writers will tell you, it seems, is the difference between “showing” and “telling”. I’ve had some help from authors I’m connected to through various internet means (technology is wonderful) and some other less professional places like

Unfortunately improving myself means I have to rewrite almost everything I’ve made in the past, but in a way that is great because if I went back to read that stuff I’d probably be embarrassed about it. Plus, this is a “time sink side hobby” for me, so does it really matter?

I haven’t bothered to bother any real authors to find out if this is a really good example of showing versus telling yet, but I hope I’m on the right track. Let me know what you think. Continue reading Improving Myself